The word ‘Cruinn’ is both Celtic and Irish meaning ’gathered together, assembled, in a body, all together’


No longer will the government have access to your money or account and no longer will there be any restrictions on the amount of money that you can deposit or withdraw. As the Cruinn is a currency for the people, it is non-taxable.

Initially, the Cruinn will be used for all transactions, in relation to the Common Law Court and all CLC associated websites. The ‘Cruinn’ will be used to secure your assets.

Our Journey

The following list outlines our journey to date

  1. The creation of the Common Law Court and the first hearing took place on 11th June 2017
  2. The creation of the CLC Birth Certificate and additional documents commenced on September 2017
  3. In 2018 the Common Law Court prosecuted all UK licensing authorities
  4. In 2018 the permanent residency for a mother and her two children in Australia was obtained with the production of a Common Law Birth certificate
  5. In 2018 the Common Law Court has prosecuted two Keepers of the Register in Scotland
  6. In 2019 the position of a living man/woman was confirmed in a UK statutory court as a fact in law
  7. In 2019 the ownership of the legal entity/fictitious name was established in a UK statutory court as a fact in law
  8. The Common Law Court issued an order in 2019, confirming that the coronation of the Queen Elizabeth II was unlawful, establishing as a result that the statutory courts and judges have no authority and jurisdiction over us and that all legislation passed from 1953 onwards is unlawful and not valid
  9. In 2019 the Common Law Court confirmed the annulment of the 1939 Cancer Act
  10. In 2020 the Common Law Court confirmed and established in Portsmouth Crown Court that a statutory judge was mentally incompetent
  11. In 2021 the Common Law Court obtained the return of five siblings who were taken by social services by using the Common Law Court documents
  12. In total the Common Law Court has convened 35 different cases and has prosecuted 60 different individuals, including local authorities and world governments, for crimes against the people
  13. The Common Law Court has also prosecuted a Former UK Prime Minister and two UK MP’s
  14. The Common Law Court has prosecuted two Lord’s (including the Lord Chief Justice) and a Baroness
  15. The Common Law Court has prosecuted seven judges (4 in Scotland, 2 in England, 1 in France) and a Procurator Fiscal
The Future


The Common Law Court is currently in the process of launching a diplomatic service for the people.

Common Law Court Diplomats will assist the people and will engage with statutory authorities, governments, and world leaders on behalf of the people.

Diplomats are currently serving in Cyprus, England, France, Norway, Scotland, Spain & Wales

Common Law Court Passport

The Common Law Court has also created its own Common Law Passport which can be used for travelling, to confirm your standing as a living man or women and to protect you against statutory legislation and restrictions.

Motor Insurance

The Common Law Court is also launching the facility to obtain insurance for travelling under common law.

The insurance obtained will be renewable annually and will consist of cover for £4.0 million.

CLC Media was created in December 2021 to ensure that the people have a lawful media outlet, this platform covers topics which matter to the people, while ensuring that all relevant information remains available to the people.

Gone are the days those videos are removed from social media and gone are the days that the truth is hidden from the people.

CLC Media publishes videos daily, where they will remain for a period of seven days. After the seven-day period, all videos will be permanently held in our library and listed under the relevant category.

The CLC Media categories are used to highlight various issues, ranging from crimes committed against the people to our CLC Constables, education, healthcare, monetary, courts issues and our history channel. 

In the real world, people need to know what is really happening, not the information that is being pushed on to us by state.

CLC Media lists videos which are used for educational purpose and under the fair usage policy.

CLC Healthcare is a company registered with the Common Law Court in July 2021 (Registration Number CD/20/163867). This company operates under common law and provides products to assist with your well-being and to help promote good health.

The products available on this site are natural and are sourced from international suppliers.

The intention of CLC Healthcare is to establish and set up a common law regulatory body for all healthcare workers and to set up CLC Clinics which will provide healthcare services to living men and women.

Services offered will be provided free of charge will be provided by licensed professionals, doctors, nurses and healthcare practitioners.

CLC Education will establish various teaching facilities, staffed by qualified teachers, professors and lecturers. Our aim is to teach our students to think differently, they will be encouraged to develop independently and to find their place in the world.

To start with, let’s establish that learning and schooling are two very different things. The lessons needed for life are often not taught in schools (for example, no instructions on taxation or the bankingsystem, two fundamental systems that all adults have to participate in). For many, school was more of a prison where you are taught how to think, how to behave, and how to function within a rigid, bell-ridden system that was designed to prepare young minds for the workforce through the standard technique of memorizing and regurgitating information in a test-based environment.

In order to succeed in this mandatory system, we all have to learn how to think about complex phenomena in the world in constricted, reductive, linear, and siloed ways. Everything is put in its box, science over here and language over there. This helps us learn how to break the world down into individual and manageable parts so that we can then put them together in an ordered way and conform to the pre-established system of the day.

As a result, for many people, schools do a massive disservice — rebels drop out, creative s fail, people are bullied for ‘not fitting in’, and all the non-linear learners struggle to get through.

As famously quoted by Sir Ken Robinson’s, this structure allows schools to “kill creativity,” saying, “We have sold ourselves into a fast food model of education, and it’s impoverishing our spirit and our energies as much as fast food is depleting our physical bodies.”

“Many highly-talented, brilliant, creative people think they’re not — because the thing they were good at school wasn’t valued, or was actually stigmatized.” — Sir Ken Robinson

Given the failings of our statutory Police forces, the Common Law Court established a CLC Peace Service at a hearing convened in Guildford on the 31st August 2019.

Upon taking their oath, a CLC Constable is empowered to act as a lawful agent, and protector for living men/women and the Common Law Court and its proceedings, to serve and enforce its writs, warrants, summonses and court orders on any men, women, and all persons and corporations named by the Court.

The constables, on completion of their training will be able and competent to perform all aspects of their role.

Unlike the existing police and private security firms, who have no authority, the CLC Constables carry with them the authority of the people while also acting under the jurisdiction of the Common Law Court.

The implementation of the CLC Constable programme in conjunction with the establishment of our Common Law Courts is without doubt set to make a considerable and positive impact for the people.

The people and the Common Law Court have committed to creating this alternative, voluntary (opt in) system of governance by consent. A critical component of which is the establishment of lawful authority, common law courts and judgement enforcement methodologies.

The Peace Service are training and actively recruiting CLC Constables just now and to assist this process the Cruinn will be used to develop this concept further.

Cruinn Coin Sale

The price for the Cruinn will be set against the gold standard and backed by gold, precious metals and tangible assets (1000 Cruinn buys one ounce of gold).

This means that you can currently purchase One Cruinn for £1.58 or $1.98 at today’s current exchange rates.

CLC Currency will be initially be releasing 1,000,000 Cruinn through exchanges, after which it will be released on demand.

Your Fees In Action


  • 45 % CLC Healthcare
  • 20 % CLC Education
  • 14 % CLC Constables
  • 5 % CLC Court
  • 3 % CLC Currency
  • 3 % CLC Media
  • 10 % Other

About CLC Currency

CLC Currency is a decentralized platform which has created a currency (the Cruinn) for living men and women and your personal wallet (equivalent to a common law account).

Gone are the days when we have to justify where our money came from, before we can bank it.

Gone are the days when we have to justify why we are taking our money out of our bank account.

No longer will the state have access to your account or balance.

As the Cruinn is the currency for living men and women, it is also non-taxable.

About CLC

The concept of the CLC brand was created in June 2017 and was used to establish a lawful remedy for the people, this was initially done by creating a common law court with the aid of lawfully issued court deeds.

The Common Law Court website was created in 2017 to record court findings and to establish the positions of living men and women through a process of declarations.

The next part in our journey saw the creation of the CLC Peace Service and the CLC Constable. This service is up and running and is currently recruiting and training throughout the UK and will be rolled out internationally in the future.

In 2020 we saw the launch of CLC Healthcare which is used to provide natural healthcare remedies for living men and women.

The next part of the process will see the creation of a CLC Regulatory Body for healthcare workers.

And the future will see the launch of CLC Clinics throughout the world. These clinics will be manned by qualified healthcare professionals and will offer natural remedies for patients.

2021 Saw the launch of CLC Media. This platform covers topics which really matter to the people. Videos are no longer removed because of their content and the truth is no longer hidden from the people.

CLC Education launched in 2021 and initially saw inquiries from various teachers, lecturers and professionals. We have one pre-school nursery operating in the UK with another interested in Spain.

Additional inquiries from education professionals will see the roll out of primary schools, academies and universities in the future.

2022 sees the launch of CLC Currency and the creation of the “Cruinn” which will provide the funding for further CLC development while protecting your assets.

2022 sees the launch of the CLC Diplomat and the CLC Passport following a Common Law Court order in 2021.

Common Law Court Diplomats will protecting the inherent rights of living men and women by engaging with statutory authorities, governments and world leaders.

The Common Law Court Passport has now been created and is now available to purchase on the CLC website under the ‘Shop.’

The CLC Passport has been designed specifically with the intention of protecting you while travelling.

The QR Code enclosed in the passport, links directly to your personal declaration on the CLC Site.

Thereby assisting your position in relation to the unlawful enforcement of health restrictions.

2022 also sees the creation of CLC Motor Insurance for travelling. In addition to this insurance we will also be providing CLC Number Plates, which will protect your vehicle against the statutory authorities.