The ‘Cruinn’

Welcome to the future and the currency for living men and women.

CLC Currency have launched our new digital coin ‘the Cruinn’ and a wallet for the people.

First and foremost, the aim for this creation is to protect the people.

It is no longer acceptable to be questioned when depositing your own money.

It is no longer acceptable to be questioned when you wish to withdraw your money and as this a private matter, the purchase of the Cruinn and your wallet will ensure that the government will not have access to this.

In relation to your account, as this is to be used by living men and women, the account is also non-taxable.

The Cruinn held in your wallet (account) is yours and it is also backed by gold.

To assist with further development of the CLC communities we are taking a monthly fee of ‘10 Cruinn’ for this account, this will be deducted automatically monthly.

All money taken for this account will be used for the people and distributed as follows:

Your Fees In Action


  • 45 % CLC Healthcare
  • 20 % CLC Education
  • 14 % CLC Constables
  • 5 % CLC Court
  • 3 % CLC Currency
  • 3 % CLC Media
  • 10 % Other

As you can see from the above table, all monthly fees taken in for the CLC Currency Wallet will be distributed to assist with further development.

Our intention is to create and fund our own common law communities. Funding will be used to assist with the purchase or rental of appropriate properties for the above categories.

Staff salaries will be covered, equipment, uniforms and healthcare remedies will all be sourced and provided free of charge.

Welcome to the world of the living.